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PropellerManager is an event-driven Qt/C++ API for developing integrated Propeller applications.

  • Create rich integrated systems based on the Propeller
  • Manage large numbers of Propeller devices from one computer
  • Build portable software that always supports the latest hardware

PropellerManager forms the basis for PropellerIDE and BadgeHacker.

Learn more about PropellerManager at developer.parallax.com.

Command-Line Usage

PropellerManager includes a small program called propman to use the library from the command-line.

Pass a binary name to propman to download to RAM, or use -w to write to EEPROM. propman will use the first or only device available in the system.

propman Brettris.binary
propman Brettris.binary -w

For more complex use cases, get a list of available devices with -l. Then use the -d option to download to a specific device.

$ propman -l

$ propman Brettris.binary -d /dev/ttyUSB0

Get help with -h or the PropellerManager version with -v.


Please report all bugs to the PropellerManager issue tracker.


Copyright © 2015 Parallax Inc. PropellerManager is licensed under the GNU Public License v3.


Propeller Manager is developed by LameStation LLC for Parallax Inc.